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Python Programs


IRC alchemy bot
An IRC bot to play the game alchemy

IRC general bot
An IRC bot with basic IRC bot features

IRC crapdealer bot
An IRC bot that lets users play the game craps

change root
A program to properly change root into another linux partition and properly exit

code snippet
A program to save/load code snippets of interest

directory search
A program to search recursice directories for specific file extensions and give option to play/open

ext copy
A program to copy specific file extensions from recursive directories and zipped files to a specific directory

system info
A program to get system information on debian based systems

A program to get directions for carriers

Porting Guide
A program to search for python 2.x and/or python 3.x changes and display results

Radioactive Bunnies v0.1
A game where you try to keep the population up


Sprite Movement

Oven Timer
A program that mimics an oven timer


quit smoking
A program to keep tracks of stats for quitting smokers