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Currently as of Dec 2012, This forum has changed hands, and is in the process of a new makeover, thus it in pre-alpha stage!

python IDE's
Python Integrated Development Environments (IDE). A list of of IDE's and info about them.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) - an IRC channel that is friendly and helpful
When you ask a question the first time, if no one is chatting, wait for up to maybe 2 hours before closing out as to give us time to see it. 3 Minutes is not enough as we are not sitting there all day staring at IRC waiting every second for everyone to ask questions.
IRC in browser
#python-forum Tutorial
Download python versions, tutorials, information

Python PEP
Information for python, for example PEP 8 is guidlines for style in coding Python.

Youtube Tutorials
written in python2.x

Online Interpreter
Test Python without installing it

Python2.x to Python3.x Porting Guide
Check the different modules for 2.x versus 3.x

3rd party Python 3 Support
View 3rd party modules and see if they have been ported to Python 3.x yet. Even if the module you are looking for does not support Python 3.x, there may be methods to tinker it to work, BETA testing, etc. that you can use to get it working still. Google and research and you just might be surpirsed what people have accomplished.

Some 3rd Party Libraries

Web framework for python.

Lightweight web framework for python

Parse HTML with Python

GUI Libraries for Python. There is also tkinter which comes with python.

2D gaming Library for python

3D Library

package your apps with their dependencies

package your apps for Windows users

Interactive prompt help()

while in the interactive prompt, you can use the help function to show the documentation for that specific module. For 3rd party modules you have installed you must import it and then help(your_module), it will show a description, classes, functions, version number, author. For builtins it will show class and methods and description of each method, etc.

default help screenclass, methods,

import module and help()
>>>from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
>>>import urllib

show me the documentation for strings

show the specific method s.find()

show all modules installed for this version of python